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I went to Fred with the idea of building a 1500 Sow unit in November of 2001. Everyone there was very helpful, assisting me with nutrient management, permits and planning. One year later, in November 2002, the barn was in operation. With the exception of some minor hiccups, which come with any project, the construction went very smoothly. All of the employees were very helpful and courteous. I would recommend Fred Groenestege Construction, as a matter of fact, I already have and that project is due to start in July 2003. I have been a very happy customer from day one, starting with the planning to all of the follow-ups after the job was completed

Paul Hill

Proprietor, Willow Grove. Mitchell ON

Since 1997, Fred Groenestege Construction Limited has been our builder of choice, 4 times, for our swine facilities. We have looked at what other builders had to offer and found this company to be superior in their designing and workmanship. Their staff dealt with any concerns we had during and after building promptly. We are definitely very satisfied customers.

Roger & Mary Minler & Family

Proprietors, Faircrest Farms Limited, Woodstock ON

Since 1990, we have many pleasant memories of Fred Groenestege and his employees. If during construction, we asked for some small change to be made, the men were always willing to please us. After each barn they built, there was no clean up to be done because Fred’s men had it all completed before they left. The after service was always excellent. We are looking forward to the loose housing barn they will start in June 2003. Congratulation to Fred Groenestege Construction on celebrating your 25th anniversary.

The Geurkinks

Mitchell, ON

 We have dealt with Fred Groenestege Construction Limited since the very beginning, 25 years ago. We have always been impressed by the ideas and planning of the barns they built. The caliber of the employees and their workmanship has always been excellent. We were always pleased with the foreman and his crew on every job. Cleanout drops into gutters behind farrowing crates were designed and developed for our farrowing barn and we believe have become a part of construction design since. We also have appreciated after sales service in the fact that a follow-up of pillar strength and quality of cement work has been done along with inquires of our satisfaction. We congratulate your company on 25 years of successful enterprise in our community and abroad, and our best wishes for many more.

The Campbell Family

Proprietors, Knollcrest Farms Ltd. Mitchell ON

Our business relationship with Fred Groenestege Construction Limited has been a win-win relationship. Both barns were professionally built at competitive prices. The attention to detail in all aspects of the building process was impressive. The thing I enjoy most is the fact that I only have to call one place to get any of my problems solved by qualified people that understand the products they sell. Keep up the industry leading work!

Bert Reinink

Proprietor, Sunset Springs Farm Inc. Walton ON


Arts Farms Ltd. has done business with Fred Groenestege Construction Limited for approximately 12 years. The repeat business we do with Fred, we feel, conveys our confidence and trust that we will receive buildings of superior quality, meeting and often exceeding expectations. The design team and site workmen are very accommodating to any changes required within the project. Groenestege Construction started and completed all our projects on the agreed scheduled time. The costs of our projects and all related equipment installed in our building were very competitive. The after sales service is important and Groenestege Construction continues it satisfactorily, well after our projects are completed. They helped troubleshoot any problems encountered in the initial start-up and daily operation of the new buildings as well as helping with the up-to-date equipment. Therefore, I would suggest a short training program, on site, for the owner/operator, so they further understand the more complex functions of their new equipment. Overall, a very knowledgeable and professional company to do business together. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary and continued success for years to come.

John Arts

Proprietor, Arts Farms Ltd. Seaforth ON

During the past 4 years, Cold Springs Farm has had 4 barns constructed by Fred Groenestege Construction Limited- a nursery, a grow/finish and two 1400 sow barns. Several of our contract growers have also chosen FGC to construct their facilities. We have also had and reviewed other quotes for our facilities and the contract facilities. Quotes and the related details come in many forms. When you work through the details and compare type of apple to type of apple and number of apples, the cost of doing business with FGC is very competitive – that is the nature of the industry. Also, quotes are very detailed – there are no surprises at the end on the form of additional costs. Many times what seemed to be a difference at first glance turned out to be things that we included in one quote and not in the other. From planning to completion, the attention to detail and the workmanship has been very professional. All of the facilities have been ready for occupancy by the original agreed upon completion date – this is extremely important to match up with the pig production schedule which has been put in place based on that date. Customer follow-up and training on equipment & controls post completion has been very helpful – continuous improvement noted that responds to the customers needs. We have had several visitors to our facilities who tour many new facilities in other parts of Canada and the USA. They are very impressed with the design and workmanship detail in all our FGC facilities. When told what the total cost was, the response is “You got great value for your money based on what we see elsewhere”. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary in business

John Alderman

VP Farming Operations, Cold Springs Farm, Thamesford ON



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