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Liquid Feed Through Divider Wall

For liquid fed facilities trough divider walls are available up to 24′.

Standard notch is 11″ to allow for a 5″ riser pad under the trough. The rear of the trough wall is supported by a concrete saddle (22″ wide) which sits on the riser pad. A square backside on a 32″ tee is Standard on trough wall. Longer sections are available as 2 pieces, without interrupting the full-length trough.

Pen Divider Wall

Standard walls are 40″ high and available in lengths up to 24’6″.

The 24″ tee front comes with stainless steel gate loops cast into place. Walls are fastened to intersecting walls and flooring by stainless steel brackets and anchors. Holes to accept drinker pipe brackets can also be cast into walls. Various penning configurations available to suit your individual needs. A 48″ high wall is also available for room divider walls or loose sow housing.

Precast Gestation Trough

This precast concrete trough is manufactured by FGC LIMITED with a 10″ diameter PVC liner.

It is available in 4 foot sections and is ideally suited for both in-floor and above floor applications. The ends are grooved for a polyurethane adhesive sealant to seal the joints. The tilted design allows for easy installation under gestation stalls, as well as allowing for a higher walkway to reduce feed waste. End caps can be cast into units as required for the end of runs or as a divider for trough lengths.

Pit Ventilation Ducts

Standard pit ducts are 48″ tall with interior dimensions of 21″ x 43″.

Front observation window available for special applications.

Feeder Pads

All feeder pads are 3 1/2 “thick x 36” wide.

All styles come with stainless steel feeder bolt down hardware cast into the pad. Pads are notched to tie into wall sections, with allowance for feeder water pipe at the rear. Pads wrap around the rear side of a standard 18″ tee to provide recommended feeder setback. Pads are flush with rear of feeder for applications where no divider wall is located behind the feeder.



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